Take great product

Take Professional Product Shots.

Learn how to setup inexpensive studio lighting to create great product shots. Learn which equipment to buy and how to setup the lights to take great product shots.  "Learn how to setup your own studio for great product photos."

This workshop is for you if...

You want to take great product photos.

  • If you want to learn who to set up studio lighting for product shots.
  • If you want to learn tips and tricks for product photography the easy way.
  • If you want to use studio lighting on location as well as a studio backdrop.
  • If you want to make money taking product photographs as a photographer or save money taking product photographs if you are a company needing product photographs.

Learn lighting setups plus product photography tips and tricks!

Learn studio equipment choices and how to set up studio lighting.

Continuous Lighting

Continuous lighting is less expensive than flash and lets you see changes in lighting.

Video Lighting

Continuous lighting also can be used to take videos.

Setting Exposure

Learn how to get the right exposure without a light meter.

Positioning Lights

Learn how the lighting changes as you change the position of your lights.

Camera Angle

Learn the best camera angle for most product photography.

Creating Light or Shadow

Learn how to use black and white boards to create light and shadow.


You can get it today and start learning how to take great product photographs.

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Only $129

This workshop is $129 which is a great deal for all the content you get with it and what it will do for your photography.  

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Get great product photographs and have fun creating advertising product shots as well.