Learn Lighting & Looking Good

(Studio & Location)

How to Setup Studio Lighting & Find Great Natural Lighting

  Learn how to setup great studio lighting with backdrops and on location as well as how to find great natural lighting.
  Learn how to position your subject to look their best, find the best angle for their face and get a great expression.
  Also tips to help prevent double chins. "Capture great headshots in the studio or on location."

This workshop is for you if...

You want to take great headshots of people with studio or natural lighting.

  • If you want to learn how to setup studio lighting that is inexpensive but creates great headshots.
  • If you want to learn how to make people look their best in front of the camera by learning how to position them and finding the best angle for their face.
  • Learn which lens makes people look best in their headshots.
  • Learn how to take great headshots with any camera including your cell phone.

Headshot Photography Made Easy
Learn Great Lighting and Posing!

Studio Lighting

Learn how to setup Studio Lighting to take great headshots.

Natural Lighting

Learn how to find good natural lighting for headshots.

Studio Lighting On Location

Learn how to use studio lighting on location.

Body Position

Learn how to position people so they look their best.

Face Angle

Find the best angle for a person face.


Learn how to get a genuine expression that people will trust and want to meet.

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Only $129

This workshop is $129 which is a great deal for all the content you get with it and what it will do for your photography.

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