Looking at a digital camera with all the buttons, dials and icons for settings on the screen can be overwhelming. With all these settings where do you start?

Great First Step

How would you like to look at your digital camera and know what settings the different icons represent, what those settings do and how to set them?

The Top 10 Digital Camera Settings worksheet is a great first step. It helps you learn the top 10 most important and helpful settings on your digital camera to help you take great photographs.

Investing 10 minutes a day you can learn the Top 10 Settings in 10 Days. Learning these settings now will help you with cameras you own for the rest of your life

This worksheet is a pdf that you can download and type in or print out and write in. You can find the settings in your digital camera manual and write how to set them in your own words and put the page number in as well. Digital camera manual paper is not the full manual. You should also have a pdf manual that came with your digital camera on a CD.

Download Worksheet as PDF

If you don’t have it you may need to download the pdf manual from your camera manufacturers website. Downloading your digital cameras manual to your cell phone or tablet can be a good idea so you have it with you. You can also search the pdf camera manual to find different camera settings.

After you download the worksheet check out page two which has instructions how to reset your digital camera to the way it came from the factory in case you mess up some settings.


We also have a DIGITAL CAMERA SETTINGS MADE EASY Workshop if you would like some help understanding the settings and suggestions on the best setting to set them at. It is normally $49 and currently on sale for only $29. You can download it to your computer to review it any time you want. There is also a gift version of the workshop where we send you an email with a download link in it that you can forward to the person you are giving it to.

Taking this online workshop before taking an in person workshop will make you one of the smartest people in the class and help you get more out of it. It is called flipping in college where professors send students the material to go over and do the assignments for it before going to class. It makes the class time more effective.