Learn To See Creatively

(Take great photos with any camera)

Would you like to learn how to see creatively?

Would you like to take photographs of your family that look like a professional took them?

Would you like your travel photographs to look like they belong in a magazine?

Would you like your travel photographs to look like they belong in a magazine?

Would you like to learn the creative skills to take great photographs of any subject with any camera including your cell phone?

My Creative Photography workshop will teach you how to make great creative choices and combine them into amazing photographs.

Technical vs. Creative Photography

There are two sides to photography: Technical and Creative.


Photography is not just about the technical settings inside the camera, it’s about the creative choices you make for your subject in front of the camera.

A photograph can be technically good, not too light or too dark and in focus and still be boring if it has bad creative choices.

Your creative choices, the angle you choose, where you place the subject in your photograph, how you crop and frame it, your lens perspective and lighting are what makes a photograph beautiful.

Lighting: Lighting by itself can make or break a photograph.

Knowing how to find great natural light will make a big difference in your photographs.

You want to think outside the box about your subject in front of your camera in addition to thinking inside the box, about your camera settings.

Technical vs. Creative Choices

Here you can see 3 photographs of a subject taken with 3 different combinations of camera settings.

Changing technical setting combinations I got basically the same photograph 3 times.

Here are 3 photographs taken of the same subject taken with 3 different combinations of creative choices.

Changing the creative choice combinations I got 3 completely different photographs.

Two Separate Worlds

Technical and Creative are two separate worlds.

There is no camera setting that will change your camera angle from a low to a high angle.

These are creative choices outside the cameras control.

You can also miss some great moments that happen in front of your camera if you’re spending all of your time looking down at the camera to adjust the technical settings.

A Great Soufflé

Imagine going to a cooking school and on the first day the chef says, “The secret to a great soufflé is to bake it at 375 degrees for 24 minutes.”

You ask about ingredients and they say, “Put in whatever you want.”

You ask a tea spoon of salt or a cup of salt and they say yes it doesn’t matter.

That would make no sense.

Creative Ingredients

In a recipe, there are 3 parts: the ingredients, how to mix the ingredients and the time and temperature.

Imagine a recipe that only had time and temperature, no ingredients or instructions on how to mix them.

It wouldn’t make any sense.

In photography magazines photographs are often described by their technical settings, with the ISO, shutter speed and lens opening listed beside the photograph.

This is like describing a dish by its time and temperature.

You don’t want to under cook or over cook a dish and you don’t want to underexpose or overexpose a photograph but there is more to it than that.

Your ingredients and how you mix them together is what makes a dish taste great.

Your creative choices and how you combine them together is what makes a photograph look great.

Creative Eye

I was talking with a man who owned a digital SLR camera who said he knew all the technical settings on it and took average photos.

He said when he gave his 18 year old daughter the camera she put it on Auto and took amazing photos.

The difference is she had a creative eye and spent her time concentrating on her subject not the camera settings.

I have talked with couples who both own the same camera, are in the same place taking photographs but one of them gets amazing photographs and the others are boring.

The difference is that one of them has a creative eye.

1 out of 10

Now studies show only one out of ten people are born with a creative eye.

That means nine out of ten people aren’t.

So, what do you do if you weren’t born with a creative eye ?

Teaching Creativity Like Music

I have come up with a way to teach creativity that can help anyone learn how to see creatively.

I teach creativity the same way that music is taught.

When playing the piano pressing one key gives you a single note.

Pressing three keys at once will give you a chord and combining chords will give you a melody.

I teach creativity as individual creative choices which are as easy as pressing a single key on a piano.

Combining three creative choices together will give you a creative fundamental and combining creative fundamentals together gives you a photograph.

It is the combination of these creative choices that creates a unique and beautiful photograph.

Single moves, combined into combinations, is how dance and martial arts are taught as well.

So if you weren’t born with a creative eye now you can learn to see creatively with this workshop.

Four Creative Fundamentals

My Creative Photography workshop contains the four creative fundamentals, Composition, Angle, Lighting and Lens.

These creative fundamentals contain single creative choices like horizontal or vertical, a high or low angle that even a child can do.

I have seen people who said they didn’t have a creative bone in their body become amazing artistic photographers after taking this workshop.

I had one person who was known as the worst photographer in their family, get praise for their creative photography.

One day when they were ordering prints at the photo lab the lab manager told them, “All day long I print boring photographs. I love it when you come in because your photographs are always so creative. I love looking at them”

More Creative than Natural Creative Eye

My Creative Photography workshop can actually make you more creative than a person born with a creative eye.

I have had people take this workshop who were born with a creative eye tell me Thank You for validating all the things I’ve been doing naturally which are usually the composition and angle creative choices.

They also thank me for teaching them lighting and lens perspective which they say never really understood.

A digital camera captures light different than your eye sees it so lighting is generally something that must be taught and lens perspective has some elements that must be taught as well.

Once you have learned how to see creatively you can take great photographs with any camera including your cell phone camera, point-&-shoot, digital SLR and even video cameras.

Your ability to see creatively will work with every camera you buy for the rest of your life.

Creative Choices Work With Any Camera

Some people do a lot of research to find the camera with the best technical specifications as the secret to taking great photos.

It’s great to have a technically good camera, but buying a great camera won’t make you a great photographer any more than buying a great piano will make you a great pianist.

The story is told of a famous photographer at a dinner party where the host remarked, “You are such a great photographer, you must have a really great camera.”

The photographer just smiled and after dinner they remarked, “That was a great dinner, you must have really great pots and pans.”

It’s not the equipment but the skill of the person using the equipment that makes the difference.

With digital photography some people teach that it’s all about the technical settings but technical is only half the equation.

Learning how to see creatively and make good creative choices is the other half.

Technical settings alone create boring photographs.

Making great creative choices is what creates beautiful photographs.

Creative Choices Work with any Subject

Creative choices also work with any subject.

Once you have learned how to see creatively you’ll be able to take great photographs of people, nature, travel, pets, concerts, sports or whatever subjects you enjoy photographing.

C.A.L.L.™ Creative Fundamentals

This workshop contains four creative workshops in one.

They are Composition, Angle, Lighting and Lens workshops.

We call them the C.A.L.L.™ Creative Fundamentals.

CALL standing for the first letter of each creative fundamental.

Each of these 4 workshops contains 3 creative choices.

While these creative choices are easy to do, they have an incredible impact.

Walking around your subject to look at it from different angles is easy to do but makes an incredible difference in your photograph.

Some people look at the simplicity of the creative choices and think they aren’t important.

The impact of each creative choice is powerful and the combination of all the creative choices together in a photograph is even more powerful.

Combining these simple creative choices together is what creates a beautiful photograph just like single notes combine into chords which combine into a beautiful melody.

Learn Creativity the Easy Way

This workshop is the result of many years of hard work and an incredible amount of energy.

Creating this workshop and refining it with each new edition has been a life long project. Making creativity easy to understand was not easy to do, but now, this workshop makes it is easy for anyone to learn how to see creatively.

Instead of spending years trying to discover all of these creative concepts on your own, you can use my workshop as a shortcut to save you time and energy.

This workshop is very visual which makes it easier to understand and remember.

In this workshop each creative choice has a learning assignment you can do to practice it. Doing the learning assignments will help you get a lot more out of this workshop.

The learning assignments make this workshop interactive.

30 Day Creative Photography Challenge

You can also take our 30 day Creative Photography Challenge where you do one creative fundamental a week.

The first week is Composition

The second week is Angle

The third week is Lighting

The fourth week is Lens.

It’s a great way to learn and practice your creative skills.

C.A.L.L.™ Creative Studies

Once you have learned to see creatively you can use the creative choices in different combinations to take creative studies of a subject.

Some subjects you may take a single photo.

More interesting subjects you may take more than one photograph with different combinations of creative choices.

Taking multiple photographs using different combinations of creative choices is a creative study.

Taking a creative study of a subject helps you explore it more in depth.

A Mini creative study is taking 2 to 3 photographs of a subject

A Medium creative study is taking 4 to 6 photographs

and an In Depth creative study is taking 7 or more photographs of a subject

Taking a creative study helps let your creativity flow and increases your chances of getting a great photograph.

C.A.L.L.™ Creative Cards

You can use our C.A.L.L.™ Creative Card to inspire, review and study photographs.

When taking photographs you can use this quick reference card to inspire you to use different creative choices.

When reviewing your photographs you can use this card to see which creative choices you used when taking a photograph.

You can also use this card to study other photographers work and see the creative choices they made when taking a photograph.

Take at Your Convenience

You can take this workshop at your convenience.

When you have a few minutes you can learn at any time of the day or night.

For parents it might be when the kids are sleeping.

You can view it at home, in a coffee shop, on a plane, or any where you want.

Some workshops you must be connected to the internet to view.

You actually get to download this workshop so it is on your computer and you can view it any time you want.

I created this workshop to help people who can’t attend my workshops in person.

When you download this workshop you get the same information, it costs a lot less and you can take this workshop today.

Learning Process

Taking a workshop in person is good, but studies show people forget 80% of what they learn in any workshop within 2 weeks. If you do take a photography workshop in person, taking this workshop first will make you one of the smartest people in the class.

In teaching, they say a student must go over the same material at least 8 times to understand it. Having this workshop on your computer lets you go over the material as many times as you need to.

Take at Your Own Pace

You can also take this workshop at your own pace, learning a section, taking a break and then going on to the next section.

Sometimes when you don’t use something every day you can forget some of it.

Once you download this workshop you can review it for years to come as a refresher when important events come up even 5 or 10 years from now.

Once you learn how to see creatively you will never look at the world the same way again.

Photography is My Life

Photography is my life. I’ve been a professional photographer since high school. I’m the author of best selling photography books, as well as inventor of patented photography equipment.

My fashion photography has been in Vogue and my corporate clients have included IBM, Proctor & Gamble, and Ford. I’m also known for my award winning portrait and wedding photography.

I’ve taught photography to people from United Nations ambassadors to high school students at national journalism conventions. My photography books are used to teach photography around the world from grade school through university level.

I teach photography workshops on Creativity, Camera Settings, Exposure, Photoshop and Lightroom as well as other subjects.

Here are a couple of quotes from people talking about my teaching skills.

Love of Photography

  “As an educator it’s imperative I continue learning myself.  Recently, I had the opportunity to take Jerrys’ photography classes.  My photography knowledge is beginner at best and I was worried I’d be in over my head.  Jerry immediately put the entire classroom (standing room only) at ease with his quick sense of humor and incredible energy.

  He offers up the technical information in easy to understand terms and translates the information into practical scenarios.  I’ve traveled across the country, teaching digital technology and design classes. I’ve encountered numerous educators of all types.   

  Jerrys’ love of photography and years of experience coupled with a unique ease in the classroom make him an outstanding teacher.  The creative process should be fun and Jerry is the truly the definition of fun!”

– Sheri D. Rydyznski-Rizzo

Photo Workshop for United Nations Diplomats & Ambassadors

  “Jerry did a wonderful job.  Before the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He went well beyond my expectations, not only entertaining the audience of diplomats, but also patiently teaching them. 

  After listening to lectures all day at the United Nations, diplomats don’t want to listen to another lecture, especially if it is boring.  Jerry had the diplomats eating out of the palm of his hand for 3 hours! 

  He was definitely entertaining and he made learning so easy, it makes me wonder why I haven’t been able to master great pictures before.  I was most impressed with how Jerry handled himself with a wide audience — from a distinguished Ambassador to an elementary school kid (the child of a diplomat.)  We hope to bring him back once a year.”

-Melissa Lewis 

National Geographic Photographer

  “I have more than 30 years of experience as an educator and wildlife photographer. Most of the world’s leading publications have featured my work, including four articles in National Geographic.

  When I needed to modernize my photo collection using Lightroom software and upgrade my photo editing capabilities using Adobe Photoshop, I hired several leading experts for hands-on tutoring. Jerry is the one I kept.

  His communication and patience as an educator are ideal, and his knowledge is thorough. My wife is now his enthusiastic student as a beginner learning photography.”

-Merlin Tuttle

Journalism Education Association National Conference

  “My name is Kimber Holt and I attended both of your classes at the Dallas JEA/NSPA conference. I have attended four of these conferences over the past few years.

  At the convention in Dallas, I went to two of your photography workshop sessions. Not only was I thoroughly entertained, but I learned more about photography in those two hours than all of the other classes I have attended combined.

  Jerry Hughes knows his stuff and makes learning exciting. I came home with a new enthusiasm for photography. Since I have attended several conferences, I find that I hear the same things over and over again. Jerrys’ classes were anything but ordinary. Going to those two photo classes made my trip to Dallas worthwhile. Thank you!”

-Kimber Holt

Four Creative Workshops

With the Creative Photography workshop you get four creative workshops.

The Composition workshop, Angle workshop, Lighting workshop and Lens workshop.

You also get 3 bonuses.

The C.A.L.L.™ Creative Card, Creative Studies and 30 Day Creative Photography Challenge.

Learning how to see creatively will have a bigger impact on your photography than anything else.

Camera and technical skills are good but great creative choices are needed to create great photographs.

The ability to see creatively is your best camera accessory.

It is the difference between taking snapshots and creating photographs.

Regular Price $129
Introductory Price $69

  This workshop is normally $129 which is a great deal for all the content you get with it and what it will do for your photography.

  Right now we have it at an incredible introductory price of only $69 to help get it out there, get people talking about it and recommending it to their friends.

Someday or Today

You want to take better photographs.

The question is someday or today.

I know people who say someday they will take a workshop.

Well someday can be years in the future.

Today is now.

Click on the button below to get your Creative Photography workshop today.

Learning to see creatively is a wonderful skill that makes photography fun and your photographs beautiful.

Every Kind of Photography

If you love to take travel photographs learn how to create great ones that you will enjoy.

If you love to take photos of your family learn how to create memories your family will cherish for years to come.

If you’re trying to make money with photography, knowing how to see creatively and how to find great natural lighting is essential.

If photography is a hobby for you, learning how to see creatively will make it more fun.

Taking multiple photographs using different creative combinations is a great brain exercise as well.

Creative photography is a great shared activity for parents and their children

As parents get older it’s also a great shared activity for grown children and their parents.

Whatever you love to photograph, from nature to pets and beyond, learning how to see creatively will help you take better photos.

Easy to Give as a Gift

Now this workshop can also be given as a gift.

We have a regular and a gift version of each workshop.

The regular version is where you buy the workshop and download it yourself.

The gift version is where we send you an e-mail with the download link in it that you can forward to the person you’re giving it to.

You can add a personal note to the email when you forward it and all they have to do is click on the download link in the email to download the workshop.

You can choose the date that you want to forward the email if it is for a special date like a birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, graduation, or Christmas.

This workshop is a great gift for family and friends who love to take photographs.

Click the button below to order the Creative Photography Workshop for yourself or to give as a gift.

Download it today to start learning how to see creatively.

Great Gift with a Camera

It’s also a great gift for people who may need some help understanding their digital camera.

If you’re giving someone a digital camera as a gift, giving them photography workshops with the camera will help them enjoy it even more.

This creative photography workshop is great for people who travel, children, people who are retired, parents photographing their family, love nature, photograph sports, basically anything people love to photograph is going to be made better by learning how to see creatively.

Click the button below to order the Creative Photography workshop for yourself or to give as a gift.

Download it today to start learning how to see creatively.


You will have more fun creating photos and amaze your friends once you have learned how to see creatively: Get started today learning the creative side of photography.