Creative, Exposure, Camera, Product, and Headshot Photography

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Learn  Creativity, Exposure, Camera, Product and Headshot Photography

You will learn your digital camera settings, exposure settings, how to see creatively, studio lighting for products, and headshot photography in these 5 photography workshops. They will take your photography to a whole new level.

"Knowledge is your best photo accessory."

This workshop is for you if...

You love to take photographs and want to learn how to use your digital camera, set your shutter speed, lens opening and ISO settings, learn how to see creatively, setup studio lighting and take great headshots of people.

  • DIGITAL CAMERA SETTINGS MADE EASY: Learn the top 10 most important settings on your digital camera .
  • EXPOSURE MADE EASY: Learn how to set your shutter speeds to stop action, your lens openings to blur or sharpen the background and ISO for bright light to low lighting situations.
  • CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY MADE EASY: Learn how to see creatively by making great creative choices and combining them into beautiful photographs.
  • PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY MADE EASY: Learn how to setup inexpensive studio lighting for great product photography plus tips and tricks for great shots.
  • HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY MADE EASY: Learn how to set up great studio lighting and find great natural light. Learn how to position a person to look their best, find the best angle for their face, and get a great expression.  Also tips to help prevent double chins.

Create Great Photography!

Learn the skills you need to create photographs.

Camera Settings: Learn the most important settings on your digital camera.

Exposure Settings: Learn how to stop action, blur backgrounds and take photos in low light.

Creative Choices: Learn how to see creatively to go beyond the technical settings and create art.

Product Photography: Learn how to set up studio lighting to take great product photographs.

Headshot Photography: Learn how to get great studio and natural lighting plus work with your subject.

Combination Skills: Learn how to combine the different skills in these workshops.

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Only $399

These 5 photography workshops are only $399 which is a great deal for all the content you get with them and what they will do for your photography.

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If you love taking photographs learning these workshops will take your photography to a whole new level.