Creative - Exposure - Camera
A Great Combination 

Well Rounded Photographer

  Learning to see creatively is the skill that will give you beautiful photographs. Learning the technical side of photography will help you get a good exposure and set your camera for good color, focus, drive and other settings.
  "You need both creativity and technical understanding to take great photographs."

 These workshops are for you if... 

You love to take photographs, want to learn how to see creatively and adjust your digital camera settings.

  • If you want to learn how to see creatively and develop your creative eye.
  • If you look at your digital camera and have no idea what the buttons do or what the icons on the screen mean.
  • If you want to take creative photographs that will make people say "Wow!"
  • If you are willing to invest some time learning how to use your camera.
  • If you want to learn at your convenience, your own pace and be able to go over the material as many times as you need to for years to come.

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Creative & Camera!
Learn to see creatively
and set your camera settings!

Learn where your camera settings are and how to set them to take photos of different subjects and situations. Learn how to see creatively for exciting photographs.

Top 10 Camera Settings: Learn the top 10 settings on your digital camera that are used the most often.

Learn ISO: Learn how to set your ISO for different subjects and lighting situations.

Shutter Speeds: Learn how to set your shutter speeds to stop or blur motion.

Lens Openings: Learn how to set lens openings to blur or sharpen the background.

Creative Eye: The ability to see creatively is the difference between boring and beautiful photographs.

Any Camera - Any Subject: Learn to see creatively for great photos with any camera of any subject.

Get instant access to these 3 PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS now!

You can get it today and start learning how to use your digital camera and see creatively.

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Get the 3 Workshop Bundle

  You can save money and learn about the creative to take Wow photos that will amaze your family and friends. You will also gain confidence in using your digital camera and knowing what the different symbols and settings do.
  Learning how to set your shutter speed to stop action, lens opening to blur or sharpen the background and ISO to take photos in low light with your exposure settings gives you control you don't get in Auto mode. Learning creative, exposure and camera skills with take your photography to a whole new level.

Get instant access to these 3 PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS now!

If you love taking photographs learning the camera settings will help you have more fun taking photos.