How To Reset Your Digital Camera To Factory Settings

Help My Camera is Messed Up: Exploring your digital camera it is easy to get the settings messed up. We are going to show you how to reset them to the settings they had when you bought the camera.

Freedom & Forgiveness: We want you to give you the freedom to experiment with different settings on your digital camera and forgiveness if you mess them up.

Reset Before Repair: I was working with a client in a one on one session whose digital camera would not focus. She had tried a lot of different tips she had found on YouTube and gotten the cameras settings messed up. She asked if we needed to send the camera in for repair. I said lets try resetting the camera to it’s default settings first. We reset the cameras settings which undid all the settings she had messed up and the camera was able to focus again.

Reset In Menu: Most all digital cameras have a Reset Settings or Clear Settings setting in their menu. You will find it in different places on different cameras and it may have a different name.


Reset 2 Reset Settings: There are two reset settings I would suggest resetting after resetting your digital cameras settings. I would set the cameras Quality settings to their highest setting and the ISO to Auto or 800 in the Program mode.

Reset Camera Settings Video: We have a video on how to reset your digital camera settings in our Members area. If you are a Member click here to go there. If you aren’t a member you can sign up by clicking here.

Reset New Camera: If you have a new digital camera or have never checked these settings on your digital camera I would suggest checking them and setting them to the highest quality setting and Auto ISO in Program Mode.

Half Quality: I own a digital SLR camera that takes 16 Megapixel images but comes from the factory set to take 9 Megapixel images. I want the quality setting the highest I can for the best image quality. Some newer cameras have the highest quality set, many don’t.

Low Blurry ISO: Many digital cameras are set for Auto ISO in the Auto shooting mode but are set to 100 ISO in the Program, Shutter, Aperture and Manual modes. I would suggest setting the ISO to Auto or 800 ISO as a general ISO setting in the Program mode which should set it for the other modes as well.

ISO Chapter Video: If you would like more information about ISO and how to set it to take photos in low light and help stop action you can view our ISO Chapter from our Digital Camera Settings Made Easy workshop for free in our Members area.   You can watch a video on how to reset your digital camera settings in our Member area. If you are already a member Click Here. To sign up for a free membership Click Here.