for Beginners to Intermediate

Top 10 Travel Photo Tips
Capture your travels with beautiful photography.

What is ISO and Why is It So Important?
ISO helps you take photos in low light and stop action.

ISO Test for Your Digital Camera
See what the noise looks like at low & high ISO settings

Photographing Important Events
Getting equipment ready, doing a dress rehearsal

How to Recover Deleted Images
#1 Rule, Carry spare cards, Free recovery tip

How To Reset Your Camera to Factory Settings
If you mess up your digital camera settings you can reset your camera

The Perfect Digital Camera
Is there a digital camera that takes great photos of every subject, in every situation?

Creating a Price list
How much should I charge for taking photos?

How To Adjust Cell Phone Image Quality
Setting your cell phone for higher quality images

7 Ways to Backup Digital Images
7 different ways to backup and save your digital images

IMPORTANT: Turn off GPS in Cell Phone Cameras
Don’t give away your home address in your cell phone photos online

 Organizing Images in Folders
How to organize your digital images on your computer

How to Transfer Digital Images to Your Computer
Learn the #1 rule for transferring digital images

How to Buy & Use Digital Cameras and Equipment
Learn how to buy and use photography equipment

I Understood Film Cameras but Digital Confuses Me
Help understanding how digital camera are the same with advantages

Quick Reference Card: ISO, Shutter Speed, Lens Opening
A visual way to see your exposure settings on a business card size printout